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Surveillance cameras are a type of technology that is commonly used for monitoring people and activities. These cameras can be placed in various locations, such as public spaces, businesses, and homes.

Surveillance cameras are typically used for security purposes, such as preventing crime, monitoring suspicious activity, and providing evidence in the event of a criminal investigation. They can also be used for non-security purposes, such as monitoring traffic flow, crowd control, and improving workplace safety.

Surveillance cameras can be either overt or covert. Overt cameras are visible and often used as a deterrent to potential criminals, while covert cameras are hidden and used for undercover surveillance.

There are several types of surveillance cameras available, including analog and digital cameras, wireless cameras, and network cameras. Analog cameras are the traditional type of surveillance camera and require a physical connection to a recording device. Digital cameras, on the other hand, use digital storage and can be accessed remotely over the internet. Wireless cameras are also becoming increasingly popular, as they do not require physical cables to transmit data.

While surveillance cameras can be a useful tool for improving security and monitoring activities, there are also concerns about privacy and potential misuse of the technology. It is important for individuals and organizations to carefully consider the ethical and legal implications of using surveillance cameras, and to take steps to protect the privacy of individuals who may be monitored.

Some of the brands include: Uniview, Galaxy, Hickvision, Dahua, Foscam

  • Residential / Commercial / Industrial Surveillance

  • Latest Technology Hardware & Support

  • IP Cameras / IR Cameras / PTZ Cameras

  • Dome / Turret / Bullet Cameras / PTZ and Dual Lens

  • NVR's / DVR's / Cloud Recording

  • Brands like Uniview ( UNV ) - NDAA Compliant

  • Other brands like Galaxy, Hickvision, Dahua, Foscam, RING, Blink, Arlo

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