Kunsten Technologies Inc. 

North Toronto company with over 26 years of experience in the technology field

 Our company works with commercial, industrial, and residential clients all over Ontario, and what makes us different is that we pride ourselves on getting the product or service that is right for you.

Electronics, in general, can be complicated when fixing, integrating, or buying. This is where Kunsten Technologies Inc. steps in.

We can resolve your technical challenges and we pride ourselves to re-use old equipment to save the planet.

Networking / IT Services / Security / Automation are just some of our specialties.


 Technology @ Your Fingertips is our slogan as we have resources to deliver you technology you need.

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Meet the Team

Kunsten Technologies Team

 Filip Kunsten

Kunsten Technologies Inc. was founded in March of 2015 and based in Toronto, Canada but that is not where our story started.

As a kid CEO of Kunsten Technologies Inc.- Filip Kunsten loved fixing things from bicycles to the simple Christmas light bulbs when they would burn out or break off. Also, changing a defective battery on a car and spark plugs, to his first computer in the early '90s.

That's where it all began! IBM 8086 with 640KB memory and a 10MB hard drive. It was fascinating to the point where he expanded his knowledge into learning other electronics as well. His uncle started calling him Phil Gates as his interests were all about technology.

Networking and Hardware were his passion in college. Filip's career started with IBM as a contractor performing a simple computer hardware migration. As the years went on, he upgraded his knowledge with certifications and work experience from computers to laptops, printers, networks, and servers.

His journey went full circle as he started working again for IBM. Filip's dream of starting a company became reality "Kunsten Technologies Inc." is not just about computers but all technologies as technology are ever-changing and learning never stops.

In 2020 everything changed, how we support clients to how we do business.

One of the best things I met was a great man named Teddy and that made everything better, from sharing the same interests and work ethic to be able to do more business. Teddy is an out-of-the-box thinker and is very reluctant to give up on any task even after 20 hours of straight work.  When I saw this, I knew I met an equal. We can do anything together as we both never give up.  The funny part is we were both born in January, 10 days apart. 

In 2021 we won BEST of 2021 on Homestars. We do our work with pride and we are there for our clients.

 Teddy Wong          

Since a child, Teddy was born curious-minded and loves to know how things work, so often Teddy’s brother complained that he took his toys apart but then had them reassembled.  This character/obsession of his has grown him into a strong interest in computers.  His first family computer was an IBM XT with Dual 5.25 inch floppy drives and a CGA monitor.  Teddy owned a 3Com PalmPilot PDA at high school age and an Intel 386DX w/MMX technology PC in his university years.

His computer know-how and interest nurtured him into his first business partnership with a friend building custom computers for sale to customers who look for alternatives in purchasing major brands from retail stores. His partner moved on to a timepieces and video gaming business. Teddy decided to pursue Information Technology and studied a 9-month full course in Information Technology Institute (ITI Toronto) where he graduated with a Diploma in IT.  He then started his first company, Tedson’s Hobbies and Technology inaugurated in 2001, engaging in numerous R/C model events.

In 2005, Teddy had a business relationship with a company where he provided printer services, namely HP, Lexmark, and Xerox at the time.  After a long association with this company, Teddy headed into an exciting partnership working for the biggest brands in hospitality.  He had to travel from country to country serving brand-name hotels like Marriott, Hilton, Warwick, Four Seasons, and Shangri-La.  His role was to connect hotel network infrastructure with Wi-Fi and PMS systems that link up hotel staff and guest networks, mainly in North America and worldwide. 

Teddy has acquired tremendous experience in IT and related technologies and has further expanded into serving various major brands in Senior Residences across the GTA. 

His final years with the company landed him in a remarkable 2-years major project in hospitality.  Teddy had a contract to install a unique Wi-Fi management system and Ruckus Wireless Access points for Choice Hotels International across Canada.  Teddy’s most regarded sidekick partner, Max, whom he met in Montreal, Quebec works together in conquering 47 properties with an average of 2 properties in just one week, which was amazing.

In 2019, a new partnership was born to pursue more diversity in industries.  Teddy is a City of Toronto contractor engaging in various projects.

All of this has led to the biggest year for Teddy’s career is to have met Filip Kunsten at the beginning of 2020. Meeting Filip is a dream come true in breathing new life and opportunities to build a business together. Never would Teddy have imagined meeting Filip has been the missing gear towards the next chapter in his IT career. Filip is smart, supportive and he has never found a better person to be partnered up with within the business. For once, Teddy felt there was hope to serve a bigger community in IT who needed our services. With Filip, nothing is impossible.
This is the year 2021, I look forward to many more years working with Filip to build a better Kunsten Technologies. Together with our combined efforts, you can count on us to provide our best service and knowledge possible. It is truly Technology at Your Fingertips!



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