When Disasters Strike: Rebuild Your Infrastructure With Ease

When Disasters Strike: Rebuild Your Infrastructure With Ease

When Disasters Strike: Rebuilding Your Infrastructure With Ease

Technology cannot control the forces of nature. As a result, when disasters such as fires, storms or thunder strike, your cabling infrastructure requires protection.

Because these incidents can damage your cabling, a well-organized system can save the day. Feeling overwhelmed to get your IT network back? It take just one call?


What Are Structured Cable Systems? 

Structured cabling simplifies installation. There are a number of standardized elements that standardize installation, making it easier for installers.

Why implement a Structured Cabling System?

Point-to-point cablings make a huge mess with at least one cable coming from each electronic device and being attached to the others. The solution to this situation was to develop alternative, supplemental cabling solutions such as Category 5e and Category 6 cables that would have all those wires, but in a more orderly fashion.

Compare to traditional infrastructures, structured wiring also reduced the possibility of electrical accidents. This system is a preventive measure as a protection foundation the entire IT infrastructure from incidents such as power outages or weather conditions.

Do you need to Rebuild and run with your wiring to your network access points, wifi, camera, and doorbells?

If you change your Wi-Fi password, name, or security settings, or if you install a new router, you must update the Wi-Fi information in the Google Home or Nest app. Otherwise, your Nest camera or doorbell will not be able to connect to the internet.

This is where Kunsten Technologies can help you. We provide technical service to our clients from building and rebuilding network wiring for your wifi, camera, and doorbell to giving you security while inside or away from your home.

You can outsource the management of your network to a company that is known for its excellence. Kunsten Tech already resolved technical problems you may haven't even thought of yet.  We have helped satisfied clients who trust our expertise and quality service.

Are you ready to transform your network cabling management?

Give us a call or book an appointment today.

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