Smart Home Security With Its IOT Platform

Smart Home Security With Its IOT Platform

One of the valued products is for Home Security System. 

There are many products that can help people with their everyday lives. The company has created a home security system that is easy to use and has many features. This blog post aims to introduce how Kunsten' Technologies have helped homeowners understand home security system and other IoT ideas.

Kunsten Technologies Inc. and the IoT Platform

Kunsten Technologies Inc. is a privately held IT company located in North Toronto with over 26 years of experience in the technology field.

KTI works with commercial, industrial, and residential clients all over the GTA and Ontario. What makes us different is that we pride ourselves on getting the right product or service for you. Electronics, in general, can be complicated when fixing, integrating, or buying. This is where Kunsten Technologies, Inc. steps in.

KTI can resolve your technical problems and fix or upgrade older equipment from computer repair, Wi-Fi network support, cabling your home or office, and smart home automation and security, which are just some of our specialties. KTI is here to enhance its customers' experience through their latest IT solutions that fit your needs hand in glove.

Kunsten Technologies Inc.'s has recommend and installed several security products. The most popular product is its home security system, which includes a camera placed anywhere in your house to help you monitor what's happening when you're not home or asleep. The camera sends real-time video to your smartphone to see what's happening without having to be there yourself. And since it connects over Wi-Fi instead of cables like traditional security cameras do, it makes installation easy by plugging into an outlet near where you want the camera mounted (usually high up so no one can tamper with it).

Have you ever wanted to know who's at the door when you are away from home? Have you ever wanted to have a high-quality video of everything that happens in your house? Do you care about your family when you are at work?

Smart Home Security System

  • Kunsten recommends Ubiquity and UNV 5MP PTZ Camera with Auto Tracking and Starlight Technology both a great start to a smart home security system that uses advanced technologies to protect your home.
  • It uses the internet of things (IoT) to connect with other devices in your home, such as lamps and door sensors.
  • The system can detect any breaches or intrusions immediately, so you have enough time to take action if an intruder enters your house.

Kunsten Technologies aim to help realize the future of many smart homes and smart city ideas and systems.

With Smart Home Security System, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe from intruders or other threats while you're away from home. 

Take advantage of smart home automation today. Put the internet to work for you.

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