Next-Gen Network Device: A Quick Look on Ubiquiti

Next-Gen Network Device: A Quick Look on Ubiquiti

What is Ubiquiti? A Quick Look. 

Ubiquitous networking, also known as pervasive networking, is the distribution of communications infrastructure and wireless technologies throughout an environment in order to provide continuous connectivity.

How Will Ubiquitous Networking Work?

Mobile computing devices have transformed our perception of computing. Laptops and personal digital assistants (PDAs) have freed us from the confines of our desktop computers.

So, how does the ubiquitous network work?

By using a small radio transmitter and a building full of special sensors, your desktop can be anywhere you are, not just at your workstation.

With the press of a button, the computer closest to you in any room becomes your computer for as long as you need it.

Kunsten Technology has successfully installed ubiquiti network from one of its clients. Our client has 1.5GBS coming in from bell in basement and 2 AX Ubiquity AP’s. He will be streaming services so we are doing 10GbE through the home and 2.5GbE to utilize full 802.11AX wi-fi.

With Ubiquiti network you can experience how the Internet of thing works.

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