#ITProDay Appreciation Post: IT Pro Day 2022

#ITProDay Appreciation Post: IT Pro Day 2022

Appreciation Post: #ITProDay 2022 

#KunstenTech joins the global appreciation day - IT Pro Day 2022 on September 20, 2022

Whom do you call for help? The Red Team! 

IT Professionals from different industries and backgrounds have done a great service disrupting the modern world - safer, faster, interoperability. Thank an IT Professional today.

Have you had one of those days?

Your network got disrupted while beating the deadlines? Or what’s worst than spilling your coffee on your laptop?

Imagine having to stop your work and get your deadlines sidetracked or fry all our drive’s data.

Join us in our social media campaign for IT Pro Day:

If you know an IT Professional that needs to hear this, show your appreciation by sharing this post or tagging them in the comment section. Press heart if you are one of the heroes that wear the capes of your IT department. We also want to thank Mugna Passion Project for nominating Filip Kunsten to IT Pro Award Day in Rockstar of the Year and Trail Blazer of the Year categories.



We celebrate with SolarWinds and companies all over the world - IT Professionals Day 2022. Recognizing the skills, passion, and dedication of our IT Professionals who power up the modern world and future technologies.



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