#CyberSecurity How to Become a Cyber Safe Champion as an Individual and Corporation

#CyberSecurity How to Become a Cyber Safe Champion as an Individual and Corporation

It all comes down to - You. No matter what safety precautions campaign the government and any organizations have, there is always a loophole. Individually we should not only be seen as the last defender but also the first wall of security.

Why become a champion?

Get Cyber Safe champions are organizations, and individuals who are dedicated to promoting a safer and more secure internet. Become a Get Cyber Safe champion and help promote cyber security through your business, non-profit organization, school community, or through your personal networks. (Get Cyber Safe)












Here are the three steps to becoming an individual champion:

  • Spread the word about cyber security. October 3 post
  • Walk the talk. Link to October 19 post.
  • Keep updated with the latest technology, trends, and current events.

The first step to ensuring your security is all about being proactive and learning. Armed with the knowledge of what your information is worth and what kinds of threats are out there, you can better identify and avoid malicious attacks every day. It's a game of cat and mouse that can be tough to stay on top of, but the more knowledgeable you are about the types of crimes taking place, the more likely you'll be to stay safe from hackers.



 How can I convince my manager?

 If you would like to become a Get Cybersafe Champion but have to run it by your manager, here are few talking points you can use













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