Why Kunsten Technologies Continue Have Grown into IT and Security Solutions?

About Kunsten Tech -

Why Kunsten Technologies Continue Have Grown into IT and Security Solutions?

Can bear having invested in your home or business network only to find out spending way over double? Did you originally think that it would be cost-effective? Then you discover it includes renovation repair and having proper setup infrastructure (ie. running wires all around the house or even worse, climbing on top of your roof)?  In this blog, learn who we are and the  3 Customer Experience (CX) key drivers why Kunsten Technologies Inc. (Kunsten Tech) continue Have Grow into IT and Security Solutions.


We are Kunsten Tech

Kunsten Technologies Inc. is a privately held IT company located in North Toronto, Canada. An IT service provider specializing in providing innovative, cost-effective technology solutions that support your business goals. Established in July 2015 by partners Filip and Cynthia Kunsten and in 2020 Teddy Wong joined the company; with over 25 years of combined experience under one roof. We are here to elevate your customer's experience through our latest IT solutions that fit your needs like hand in glove.

“We love to share our passion and knowledge for technology.”

We support emerging startups, small businesses and homeowners. We take pride in providing our clients with the best products and services to help them grow their businesses. Kunsten Tech believes in providing a better customer experience (CX) through this three key drivers:

  1. Guided With Our vision and Values Driven By Our Mission
  2. Cost-effective and Advance Solutions
  3. Qualities of Excellence and Customer Satisfaction


      #1 Guided With Our vision and Values Driven By Our Mission

      We support emerging startups, small businesses, and homeowners. We take pride in providing our clients with the best products and services to help them grow their businesses.

      We always find ways to make our client’s day-to-day activities easier with the latest trends in technology. Kunsten Tech started from Filip's passion and love for design and technology, which has always been aspirational for us. As an organization, we consistently deliver work excellence guided by our values, passion with technology, quality of work, and customer satisfaction. Having said that, that is why we don't have a backlog of projects at any time. We put our heart and soul into every project we take up and provide value to our clients, which is you! Learn more about what our clients have to say.

      We believe in products that deliver what they promise by giving our clients more than what they expect from us!


      #2 Cost-effective and Advance Solutions

      We operate on our vision/slogan, "Technology at your Fingertips."

      We include putting in the effort to set up a strategy, plan and design the right implementation specific for every project and client’s needs.

      Our services span multiple industries, including commercial, industrial, and residential. They include a broad range of solutions such as computer repair, data recovery, IT support, network installation and maintenance, security system integration, smart home automation, surveillance, and security are our specialty. 



      Kunsten Technologies also offers managed services for your existing network or device setup. This allows us to monitor your existing infrastructure 24/7 so if there is an issue we can fix it immediately before any downtime occurs.


      #3 Qualities of Excellence and Customer Satisfaction 

      We strive to do this every day at Kunsten Tech: we are always looking for new opportunities, ways to improve and innovate, and ways to make things better and more accessible. That's why we listen when you tell us how you feel about something—and then we find ways to improve it.



      Meet Kunsten Tech team, and their Red Van


      We are also known as the Red Team who rides the red vans across GTA ready to meet at your doorsteps. Remember to take a picture and tag us in your social media post with the hashtag #TheRedTeam. 

      Our team of highly trained professionals is committed to delivering solutions that are customized to meet your specific needs. We believe that every client deserves a customized solution that fits their business requirements, culture, and budget.







      Filip Kunsten

      First, let's meet Filip-the founder; a tech-savvy person who has vast knowledge and expertise in computer technology, networking, surveillance and security, home automation, and yes even finance advising.  Now that's a lot of credentials, however, the best part about Filip is his tremendous work ethic, love for details, and of course love for people.  Yes, he is friendly and easy to deal with, his love and passion for technology are contagious. 


      Cynthia Kunsten

      She is the co-founder of Kunsten Tech and recently joined the operations full-time. She loves meeting people and she’s the IT girl on good deals from food to fashion.  An incredible technician and support person with a love and passion for customer service and care.  Cynthia is gifted with the ability to identify and meet customers’ needs and provide the best solutions.  She brings the heart and joy to Kunsten Tech team with her amazing personality, she is always a delight to work with her. 


      Teddy Wong

      He is quite the deep thinker; a network and security solutions Shifu in the hospitality and Real Estate industries across Canada. His passion for creative solutions started with his love for LEGO building. While he loves learning new technologies, Teddy is also the IT repairman hero you can count on. He had landed on big partnership projects that took him across Canada for famous branded chains like Marriott, Hilton, Warwick, Four Seasons, and Shangri-La, Choice Hotels International, and more than 40 real estates in Montreal.  Recently, he just got his Drone Certification. When you catch him make sure to take a photo-op with him, he likes to pretend like Steve Jobs.



      At Kunsten Technologies Inc., we understand that there are many options to choose from when looking for computer support or IT services in Toronto. Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants will help you determine the best solution for your business needs and provide exemplary service. We work with top industry-leading vendors and products, support our clients through every step, and have an in-depth understanding of their business to find the right solution. 


      Need a Snappy and affordable IT solution? We have helped satisfied clients who trust our expertise and quality service.

      Give us a call or book an appointment today.

      TOLL FREE: 1-877-958-8324

      GTA Sales: 647-417-3605

      York Region Sales: 416-836-6769 

      Email: support@kunsten.ca
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      About Kunsten Technology Inc. 
      Founded in March 2015

      Head Office
      400 Applewood Crescent #100,
      Concord, ON L4K 0C3

      About Kunsten Technology Inc. 
      Founded in March 2015

      Kunstent Technology Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario Canada. They are one of the top service providers in Fiber / Ethernet / WI-FI Networks & Structured Cabling and management, Computer Sales and Support, Surveillance, and Smart Home Automation. Kunsten Tech is known for its integrity, high-quality service, and excellence in customer service The company’s mission is to share its passion and knowledge for technology. They are currently expanding their operations and are hiring passionate future IT/Network Technicians. Kunsten Tech has won twice in a year, HomeStar Best of Award 2021 and 2022.



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